Manufacturing Innovation Grant (MIG) Program

Under the MassDevelopment’s MIG program, CCAT is one of four Innovation Centers to help advance the growth of small-to-mid-sized Massachusetts manufacturers.

The program is open to Massachusetts manufacturers with 100 or fewer employees in need of expertise and equipment to support product development, prototyping, production processes, cost reduction and other assistance.

Under the program, MassDevelopment will reimburse the lesser amount of 75 percent or $75,000 of the cost of a contract between a manufacturing company and CCAT. Companies will pay the remaining costs and will contract directly with CCAT.

There are four types of projects available through CCAT under the MIG program:

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Research, prototyping and process development for additive manufacturing with a wide variety of materials. Extensive experience with Titanium, Inconel, Stainless and Tool Steels, Copper, Ceramics and Aluminum. Ability to dynamically blend materials from multiple hoppers for mixed-metal graded builds or repair/modification of existing parts. Large controlled 35 x 59 x 35 inch environment with the Optomec LENS 850-R powered by a 3kW fiber laser and large (scalable) work envelope with a spray head powered by a 10kW fiber laser mounted on an industrial robot.

Ultra High Quality Multi-Material (Plastics) 3D Printing

3D printing high resolution plastic parts with varying degrees of transparency, shading, & flexibility by blending materials seamlessly during the build cycle. Enables rapid fabrication of parts with integrated features & properties that can’t be made by traditional methods. Ability to produce parts up to 21 x 15 x12 inches with three plastic resins including ABS, Polycarbonate, & Elastomer. Resource: 3D Systems ProJet 5500X

Precision Machining Solutions and Optimization

CAM re-programming (high-performance tool paths and feed rates) and process prove-out of optimized machining solutions. Optimized solutions provide radical increase in material removal rate of existing CNC programs to lower cost, balance a cell, or provide additional capacity without CAPX. Improves machining productivity without disrupting production. Extensive experience with Titanium, Inconel, Steels, and Aluminum. Ability to produce 3-axis parts up to 30 inches and 5-axis parts up to 20 inches.

Reverse Engineering Geometry and Solid Model Creation

Structured light 3D scanning of items up to 13 inches and subsequent development of solid model (SolidWorks or Siemens NX).